The Blue Network

The Blue Network is a collective of sports blogs, podcasts, and video blogs that cover University of Michigan athletics. Their mission is to supply Wolverine fans with the best, most accurate content while holding a high standard of integrity and ethics.

The success of The Blue Network and its members is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from the fans of Michigan athletics. We gain and maintain credibility by displaying honesty and integrity and reaching our goals solely through honorable conduct. The Network has an underlying purpose for its members to keep each other in check. To monitor the product that is being presented and to maintain a high level of ethics. The collective of The Network then reserve the right to disband any member that deliberately goes against the ethics of the group. These decisions will be made and decided by the majority vote of the members of The Blue Network.

The Blue Network is dedicated to be an ethical, fair, yet vigorous competitor. We aim to offer the best product we can present to the fans. We will not acquire or seek to acquire improper means of any competitor’s information, exclusive or non-exclusive. We will not engage in unauthorized use, copying, or alteration of others work or information. We will respect groups and individuals rights of privacy and personal wishes. We will not selectively disclose any material or information that any sports figure, recruit, parent, family member, relative, coach or administrator has explicitly informed us not to share. We are particularly vigilant when sharing interviews and/or direct information from others to ensure that our work does not contain material that are not meant for public knowledge.

The Blue Network aims to be the Michigan Wolverine fan’s trusted source for sports information. Go Blue.

Network Members

The Blue Brothers Sportscast
– Caleb & Craig

The Blue Print Show – website
– RaSean, Zeek & Rocke

The Blue Print Blog – website
– Derrick & Darren